Ladies - I'm working for you here.  You're very busy people - juggling work, family, and maybe some fun in between.  You need ways to organize it all, and your handy dandy smart phone can help with the right app.  I've got 3 for you.

Clockin - let's say you are paid by the hour to do work for someone  and you have a lot of clients you want to bil them for the time that you spent. You need Clockin.   It's like a timesheet but then you can send that time sheet right to a client

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Dinner Spinner   Lets say you have to slap a meal together for someone really really quickly.  Maybe you have unexpected guests,  like that cute little mother in law of yours. You only have a certain amount of things in the refrigerator and you can't think of the recipe that will include those items .
 Well, with Dinner Spinner you can plug in the items and it will figure out a meal. ( I wonder if they can come up with a meal from 2 cans of tuna and leftover Chinese food?   You can also share your lists with others too
iWedding Deluxe   I just met with a couple this week.  I'm doing their wedding.  They both have full time jobs, kids and they are both going for their masters degrees - plus planning a wedding?  They need this app, and you may too.   It lets you set up a budget, it lets you organize a guest list and keep track of who you want and you don't plus much more  That's 6.99
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There..  Now you go, girls!  Don't worry, though - equal time for men next week.
We will end this article with today's question for our technical experts -
                             Computer Renaissance of Latham

Question from Sue in Broadalbin- I have Windows 7 on my laptop. How do you get programs to stop loading automatically when you power up laptop, ie Windows Media Center? Have to wait for it to load just to close it out to do anything else.

Our friends at Computer Renaissance first suggest disable the auto start in Media Center. Open Media Center, then go to > Tasks > Settings > General > Startup and Windows Behavior and uncheck > Start Windows Media Center when Windows starts.

Alternatively, you can go to > Start and type > misconfig into the search field, hit > Enter. The > System Configuration will open. Switch to the > Services tab and uncheck Windows Media Center.......... Also you can select the startup tab & uncheck any entry for any program you don't want auto starting too.


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