We're high tech here at the Sean and Richie Show - urrounded by laptops, desktops, smartphones, monitors, iPads, you name it.  I'm sure your lives have been affected at home and at work as well.  This is why we have a new feature just for you - TechTalk.  Here's the first edition, complete with brand new jingle.

Love this stuff.  I'm in heaven every day when I'm surrounded by this stuff, but then again, that's just me.  Love the tech.  Come on - work with me here.  There are so many technological innovations that will brighten up your lives.  I had the chance to explain these exciting inventions to the guys this morning.

mp3 version

Here's the link to the beer cannon story, and if you'd like to laugh more about the massager, you can find it here at gizmodo.com.      If you find any other fun pieces of tech that you'd like me to include, please put it in the comment section below.  I will access your thoughts from my iPhone, then make a copy of it on my iMac. Love this stuff.