It's going to be a very busy week around the radio ranch. I want to get writing  very early because we have to go to Hunter Mountain this week for the most exciting music festival this area has ever seen (got your tickets yet?) .

You know something?  I think I'm going to write a song about - Hunter, NY.  Why not? But I can still use some help if anyone's ever been down there.

I found this little map from, so that's a start.


If anyone has any good info that I can add to this song, please let me know, although I wouldn't have any lack of material if I want to talk about the most fantastic music experience  to come to this area in a very long time - the Taste Of Country Music Festival, June 13th - 15th.  In fact, the Sean and Richie Show will be broadcasting LIVE that morning, so stay tuned for all the latest info directly from the scene of the action.

I hope you come down and join us.  We're going to make Hunter OUR town on Your Town Thursday

If you'd like to hear some of tha past towns that I've written songs for, here's a link.