This is a collection of "klutzes".  Loveable ones, though.  Everyone feels sorry for these folks, although we get a vicarious thrill at the same time to watch them "screw up".  Get ready for 25  Fails! 

I found this on, and I blame our Corporate Digital Guru Brian Bushner for turning me on to this site.  I now make this site part of my ritual every day.  It's kind of like a big world wide web roulette wheel.  You click a button, and random "stuff" appears, but you can customize it to your interests.  I clicked "comedy" as a subject area, and this appeared.  And it definitely is funny!  This is a compilation of epic "boo boos".  Enjoy!

Again, you'll have to click on the Fail page from Stumbleupon to see them all !  Enjoy!