Yes, I am wayyyy up here - thanks to Google Earth, and the view is amazing!  Plus Facebook leaked some valuable information, and yes- you too can buy a vacuum that plays music -  
I can honestly say that yesterday I went to the top of the world s tallest building while at my breakfast table eating my frozen waffles.  All thanks to the amazing people at Google Earth.  They have been given access to the worlds tallest building in Dubai, and by strapping on a backpack with a 360 degree camera, they photographed all parts of this humungous 124 story building.  The has an AMAZING example of this.
google earth
Well, Facebook screwed up big time and admitted it, which was big of them.
It's a pretty complicated explanation but it boils down to millions of peoples'
contact and address information being inadvertently shared if someone tried to archive a copy of their account.    Proving once again what they say-- if you put information online, consider it public.
So you're saddled once again with vacuuming the living room, bedroom, hallways - you know the weekly drill.  how boring is that?  Wouldn't it be great to be able to crank up some tunes?  yea, but then you have to find your iPod - and where the heck did I leave those cheap white earbuds?
Introducing a musical vacuum cleaner- not joking.  You can get it to play everything from chopsticks to jazz.   I think it's one of these concept inventions, because I still can't find it on YouTube per se, but it's from Electrolux.  Here's a photo from
 It's a great idea, although I hate vacuuming.  My vacuum would play "Take This Job and Shove It" on an endless loop.  What song would you like blasting out of YOUR vacuum.  Would love to know.