I recently discovered the music of Anna Wilson thanks to her 'Countrypolitan Duets' album. Now, thanks to the album's liner notes, I've also discovered the 'Countrypolitan Cocktail.'

According to Anna Wilson's album, Countrypolitan (The Drink) is described as the raw and earthy burn of a smooth whiskey mixed with the sophisticated lemony sweetness of a fine Italian liqueur. We've grabbed the recipe from the CD, if you'd like to try one.

Countrypolitan Cocktail

-1.5 oz whiskey

-1.5 oz limoncello

-lemon twists

-sugar for rim

In case you're wondering what Countrypolitan (The Music) is, Anna Wilson explained that too! Countrypolitan (The Music) is the raw and earthy grit of an old Country Music standard mixed with the modern and sophisticated stylings of classic jazz recording.

Now, pour a cocktail and put Countrypolitan Duets in your stereo to enjoy a nice relaxing evening.