I literally was going to blog about something totally different when I get this email from my wife's work.  Attached was this video clip.  At first I said to myself "later-I'm busy!"  So of course, right after that I immediately clicked on it.  You're going to want to as well!   You think we're deep into technology NOW? 

Corning Glass has put together an absolutely fascinating video-kind of a window (no pun intended) into our future to show you how glass of all kinds will be an integral part of our everyday lives.  Something you never think about, right?  You may never look at glass the same way again after seeing this!  I'm sorry to steal 5min of your time, but this is worth it!

Can you imagine brushing your teeth while answering email on your mirror?  That's all we need, right?  But I can see it coming, can't you?

Come on-let's all sing the Jetsons theme now!     Do you think you would like all these new fangled inventions, or would you rather go back to a simpler time?  Would love to know!