Hey folks, it happens!  You've heard the horror stories before.  But this time it's even MORE horrible.  It happened to a CHILD , no less.  A 4 year old!!

According to ABC News.com, a little boy from Vancouver, Washington went in to have his wandering RIGHT eye fixed.  Well, something went WRONG with the RIGHT eye operation.  It seems that the doctor couldn't tell left from right-literally. RIGHT, she operated on the WRONG eye.  The LEFT eye!   According to the article:

Goodman (the doctor)  then told the family that she had lost her sense of direction during the procedure because a nurse had mistakenly covered the mark Goodman had made on the eye that needed correction while prepping the boy for surgery (at the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon)

LOST HER SENSE OF DIRECTION? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Here's a video clip of the story from Youtube:

How bad do you have to feel for these poor parents?   I can envision the lawyers clamoring to represent THIS  in this case!  Of course, they are worried now that this could effect BOTH eyes for the rest of the child's life.   What monetary settlement will ease the parents' heartache over this 'hospital fail'?

Oh, by the way.  In many cases, when a hospital screws up, THEY CHARGE YOU TO FIX IT!  But according to MSN Money.com, that's about to change. For one thing, Medicare won't pay for the new charges.  That's BAD.  But also, hospitals won't be allowed to charge you in certain cases, and that's GOOD. 

So next time you have to go in for surgery, please take a magic marker and circle the body part that you want fixed.   I'd actually use florescent paint, come to think of it,  to make sure that it shows up in all lighting conditions. 

Do you know of any screw-ups like this?  Fill us in.  We might include you in part of our show!