It's coming this Wednesday, August 26th between 6 AM and 7 PM at Crossgates Mall.   It's our Stuff the Bus challenge.   We love you to help, and here are some of the items we're looking for (rhymed, of course)


                     Parody of "My Favorite Things", from Mary Poppins. 

 Pencils, erasers ,

Notebooks and binders

 New pocket folders, pens and dividers

Agendas or Calendars all would please us

We'll be at Crossgates Stuffing the Bus

Kids need a flash drive, sometimes they lose it

Bring them graph paper (oh wow, they still use it?)

Clothing and food cuz there are mouths to feed

and anything else that a student might need

Make donations, at locations

uou've heard us discuss

Go to our website and you'll find them alright

We need you to Stuff The Bus!!

from WGNA website

 (It benefits Captain Youth and Family Services)

(Here are the locations in case you'd rather see them right this second..)


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