You just hate your boss, hey I cant blame you , I'm sure he or she is tough to work for. Melissa Rodriguez, a chef in New York says, she's got you beat. And I think she may be right.

According to the "New York Post", Melissa worked for a famous chef in New York's Plaza Hotel named, Eric Hara. She has filed a 25 million dollar lawsuit agaist him for harassment. I hear ya, "Oh here we go again some whiny employee claiming harassment because someone said a dirty joke around them." Well no, I'd say if her claims are true, she has quite the case. Here are a few of her complaints.

  • He picked her up and threw her in the garbage can on a daily basis.
  • He made her carry eggs in her shirt and when she would make a mistake he made her break them and rub them against her chest.
  • He poured things like chocolate, honey, and cream in her hair on a regular basis.
  • He told her she was "one night stand material, the type people sleep with but don't marry."
  • He nicknamed her "W**re"

Now to me, that seems like just another day in the office, but I think if she can actually prove some of those claims this guy might be in some trouble. So maybe your boss isn't so bad after all. But if you have a former boss that did some weird or crazy things to you, I'd love to hear about them. A little "boss bashing" never hurt. Though you cant use names of people or companies. ok? go.