Almost anyone that listens to country music knows who George Strait is. Even the newest listeners to country music know. George was born in Poteet, Texas, on May 18, 1952. George's interest in music actually started when he was in high school, and he played in a rock and roll garage band. It wasn’t long after that his interest in music changed to country.

George Strait enlisted in the U.S. Army and while he was stationed in Hawaii, he started to play in an army - sponsored band that was called ‘Ramblin’ Country.’ The band played gigs off base using the name ‘Santee’.

George was honorably discharged from the Army. He then went to Southwest Texas State University, and earned a degree in Agriculture. While he was attending college, he saw a flyer that was posted on campus, from a  band called ‘Stoney Ridge’, looking for a new singer. After joining the band, he remaned it to the ‘Ace In The Hole Band’. They travelled all over Texas, performing in different bars and honky tonks.

After several years, George became friends with Erv Woosley, one of the operators of one of the bars that they played in. He previously was employed by MCA Records. Erv contacted some of his connections from Nashville, and asked them to go to Texas and give a listen to George Strait and the ‘Ace In The Hole Band’. They liked what they heard and signed them to MCA Records in 1981, and as they say, ‘the rest is history".

My favorite George Strait song is 'Carrying Your Love With Me'.

Happy birthday George Strait.