Hank Williams, Jr. angered many people when he compared President Obama to Hitler on a recent Fox and Friends Interview.  The comments actually got him fired from singing the Monday Night Football theme song, something he's been a part of since 1989.

Although many would agree that Hank Williams, Jr. had the right to voice his freedom of speech, many also understand that there is a consequence for one's actions.  Although he wasn't punished by the government, and his fans are free to buy or not buy his music, he was punished by his "employer."  Would your work have reprimanded you, if you 'mouthed' off, voiced your opinion, and made comments that did not represent your employer's standards and point of view?

Hank Williams, Jr. retaliates with his new single 'Keep The Change.'  A song that stings ESPN, the government, Fox and Friends, and those that did not agree with his remarks.

Listen to Hank Williams, Jr.'s response in the song 'Keep The Change'

Do you agree with Hank Williams, Jr.?