Are you addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies like we are?  Well, here's a fun way that you and your guests can inject some extra fun into your evening, or morning... we don't judge.

May I introduce, The Hallmark Movie Drinking Game -

  1. One drink if the main character wears a slouchy knit hat
  2. Two drinks if her name is Mary, Meri, Merry, Holly, or Eve
  3. One drink if she's a single mom
  4. One drink if Mr. Right wears a handsome scarf
  5. Two drinks if Mr. Right sports a manly yet functional messenger bag
  6. Two drinks if Mr. Wrong is introduced to us in a suit and tie
  7. One drink if you can recognize an actor from somewhere else, but can't place where
  8. Two drinks if you can actually name the actor!
  9. Three drinks if he or she is from ABC's TGIF
  10. Do a shot if a dog saves the day
  11. Chug your drink if a spunky orphan makes an appearance
  12. Three sips if you cry
  13. If there's a happy ending - finish your drink, refill that sucker, and get ready, cause there's another movie coming on next!

Cheers!  And Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree (Getty)