This was a special visit, as it was an invite from Griswold Heights Community Center in Troy  in association with Phil Fusco and the Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges.  Enough of the formalities - let's hear their Planet Song! 

Quick - can you name all of the planets in the solar system?  I knew you couldn't!  Neither can I.  But these kids sure can.  Here's a sentence that will help you ( I learned this from them!)

"My Very Elegant Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas"

The first letter in each word represents the first letter of one of the planets, get it?  That's all well and good, but how do you remember THAT?  With a song, of course.

mp3 version (right click on this and save it to your computers and iPods!)

photo by Richie Phillips

rrr griswold heights sage camp 2

photo by Tenika Wilcox
photo by Tenika Wilcox
photo by Tenika Wilcox

Thanks to all who were in involved, includng Phil Fusco from the Academy, Tenika Wilcox, Jenn Burns,  and all the kids, of course!