Technology is making more and more everyday-things obsolete, including one of my personal favorites - the home stereo system. That, plus a new problem with the iPhone update better known as IOS 7. had a story this morning that REALLY caught my attention -the death of the home stereo system. So true!

How many of you reading this have actually ever owned a stereo receiver and a tape deck, or even an independent CD player with a big pair of speakers that stand on the floor? You know, a component system. I bet very few. How about in college? Did you have one there?

I roomed with five other people in a house, and a guy living there had a beautiful system with all of his albums in the original cellophane wrappers-in pristine condition. Those days are over, I guess.

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What's happened in the marketplace, the midmarket for audio has completely been obliterated," says Alan Penchansky, former columnist for Billboard Magazine. "You have this high-end market that's getting smaller all the time, and then you've got the convenience market, which has taken over -- the MP3s, the Bluetooth devices, playing on laptops."


It's really too bad, because that's when the music sounded the best. Now we settle for little mp3 players and music out of computer speakers  Boy, you guys are missing out.

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Does that gorgeous iPhone of yours make you sick? No, I mean literally?

Some people are complaining about just that. There is a zooming feature, where the apps zoom in all at once, and that is giving people vertigo. Also there is a feature called parallaxing that makes the picture that you use for your wallpaper move at ever so slightly an angle, making some people want to puke.

There isn't a way to completely get rid of these things, but there is a way to minimize it I am told, and I'm looking into that for you. I will post that if I can find it.

Wait! I found it. For the Parallax Effect-Go to Settings-General-Accessibility-Reduce Motion

Right now you can't change the zooming in and out effect, but I'm sure that'll happen in an update. In the meantime, one word: dramamine.