These two Gloversville Police officers made a stop at Park Terrace Elementary School today when a routine patrol turned into an opportunity to make some memories with some neighborhood kids!

This story brought a smile to my face the minute I saw it.  Gloversville Mayor Dayton King shared these pictures today of the Police officers stopping to play a little football with the elementary kids!

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King

This is what the Mayor said:

"Gloversville Police Officers Reu and Nellis were doing a standard premise check at Park Terrace Elementary School when they spotted a group of kids playing football on the playground.

The officers jumped out of their cars and began interacting with the kids. The kids and staff loved it! We've been getting feedback this afternoon as well from parents who witnessed this police involvement.

I continue to be proud of our Police department and our City!!! Please share with your friends and let your kids know it's OK to throw a football to a police officer!!"

I’ve always said it takes a special person to be a police officer, it’s a tough job protecting our area neighborhoods. It's even better to see them being part of the neighborhood.

Thank you to these police officers!  Keep up the good work!