Had alot of fun with this one, thanks to all of your help on Facebook and all of your calls on the air.  That always helps.  I hate trying to pull facts out of thin air to make a song.  Here's your song, guys! 

Since we were broadcasting live from the track , I decided to go with a famous racing song as the springboard for this.  It's the "William Tell Overture"

Thanks once again for EVERYONE's help on this including the mayor, Dayton King (who graduated from the same college I did, coincidentally)

OK, here's the song (lyrics to follow)

mp3 version

from Facebook - please someone tell me how to get this book and I'll advertise it!
(To the Tune of "William Tell Overture")
lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved (unless you live in Gloversville-
then you can steal it! )
Track, I'm at the track
I'm in Saratoga but That's not the town that I am here to sing about

Going to tell you about a Fulton County town
Some of you folks  tend to put it down
Well not me – I never will there's a lot of good in Gloversville
its known by every boy and girl
It's the meat sauce capital of the world
And the biggest pants you'll ever see is at beacon wholesale on main street

If you lived there long then I bet you'll recall  the Trinity cadets
an awesome  drum and bugle corps- Is it true that corp is no more?And we learned back in May or June that a new
Walmart is opening soon
That always puts folks in a real good mood especially since they're adding food
If you fish, you'll be back
And you'll shop at the Fly Shack
You Facebook folks keep reminding me that
It's got its share of hillbillies
No reason not to show respect
Some of my best friends are rednecks
On Prospect ave and north Main Street
Where Mr Snow Cone and Mr Dingaling would  meet
You better leave this route alone
or ill tell you where to shove your snow cones
Nut there used to be a man that people loved
He was the glove man he sold gloves
And real good money's what folks paid
Cuz in Gloversville they were custom made
Two mascots that's a cause for bragging
The Huskies and the Dragons
And  Tommy who everybody likes
Goes to every game on his bike
if you like sewing there's no better
In  Gloversville there's a Sewing Center
Two eye doctors are around
So you can see the good things in the town
Rojek and Mattison
This song is just about done
Glove city theatre by the way
That's a place to see good plays
And if you get sick
One thing's for sure
you'll get well at Nathan Lateur

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Screen Shot Chris Young

EXTRA SHOUT-OUT GOES TO Linda Hammond who sent just a FEW extra facts.  I am reprinting this because she put so much time into it.

We have some great places in Gloversville. You just need to get the negative attitude out of your head. The public library is a great place to explore new adventures. They have so many workshops for the kids and adults. The Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market is a gold mine of great local products – elk, variety of cheeses, vegetables and organic products.  Years ago the Coop used to be a McClellan 5 & 10 store.  The Coop still has the wooden floors that were there since the 5&10.  The Coop also holds Micropolis, an art gallery of local artisan’s goods.

Ralph's Tailor Shop for all of you sewing/mending repairs and new suits. True Value for your hardware needs and great advice. The ladies at Session's will make you looking at your best. Harold's Restaurant - great food & great place to have your party.

Across the street from the Railyard Restaurant is the Trail Station Park.  Recently we had our annual Rail fest held at this park.  The park was the site of the FJ&G railroad train station. This train service delivered goods to and from Gloversville (leather hides) down to the valley & main rail system.  For a period of time it also helped to get people from Bleecker Mountain down to G’ville/Johnstown.

Gloversville Sewing Center – Ask any person in the capital region who quilts or sews and they will tell you how to get to Gloversville.  They may not know anything else about the town but they know this great resource.

Bowman’s Market – A great little gold mine.  This market still delivers the best cuts of meat and grocery items to their customer’s homes.  It is owned by the Franco family and they welcome their customers by their name.  This market services many of the restaurants in the area.

The huge pants in Beacon Wholesale is actually a pair of men’s underwear that must span about 4 feet wide.  A few years ago the previous owners hung them in the window as a promo and it raised a stir.  Got people talking.  Beacon Wholesale is a variety clothing store where you could buy your carhardts, boots, snowmobile suits, gloves, etc.

Besides Parkhurst Field we have Littauer Field located behind Naif’s (Nāf’s) Market.  The Little Huskies have their football games at this field and it is the place of the infamous skating rink that got the City officials in a dither this past winter.  Two young men returned to the area and tried to reopen the rink that had been there for years & years. But that’s another story.  Littauer is pronounced 2 different ways.  For years and years it was pronounced Lit-tour.  Then a few years ago the descendants of Lucius Littaurer requested the hospital to pronounce their name Lit-tower.  The descendants still give money to the community so who is going to argue with them how Lucius pronounced it.

Big Mike’s:  Mike started his little road side business in a 16’ camping trailer converted to a kitchen.  Over the years he has expanded & added a dining room and an ice cream counter.  Big Mike’s is the place to go for hot dogs and great meals, whether for lunch or dinner.

Somebody mentioned about the hill that our High School is located on.  This is a great place to go sledding down in the winter.  The school has a huge boulder that the kids paint every football season, and it is sometimes repainted by unknown rivals.

Wohlfarth’s Pond (wohl-ferts) – you can always find someone fishing at the pond or eating their lunch under the pavilion.  Every spring the pond is stocked and a fishing derby is held for the kids.

Where the House of Pizza is located used to be an old baseball park where semi-pros used to come & play.  I can’t remember the coach’s name but he used to coach the Marlins and Mike Hauser had him in the area for his sports cards weekend just before Thanksgiving (held in Johnstown).  The ball park was very well known for the ball leagues back in the mid 1900’s.

Last but not least, we will have a new super Wal-Mart opening this week.  And it has a round-about at the entrance.  I have heard some of the older women say that they will probably not go to the new store because of the round-about.

This is just a small part of our town.