Want a good way to get into the Halloween spirit? Take a walking tour with the Ghosts of Albany!

You have heard how haunted our capital city is, and now you can go on a special walking tour to learn more about Albany's haunted history! Can you think of a better way to get in the Halloween spirit?

Ghosts of Albany offers 90 minute walking tours of the city that are sure to give you a chill. The Ghosts of Albany website describes the tour as:

'...stories of ghosts, antique sites, scandalous tales, haunted places, mysterious sightings of apparitions, strange and unusual accounts of centuries past, legendary stories, folklore and ghostly experiences stranger than reality, and ultimately the supernatural intrigues of Albany, New York.'

This looks a like a lot of fun, or should I say scary fun. Especially with some of the old architecture downtown - Some buildings themselves look creepy! Hopefully no creepy clowns will be around to make it extra scary.

You can learn more about the yours in the video below! Happy Haunting!

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