George Strait fans give me a big "Woot Woot!"

Wow, I could hear you all the way here in the Pine Bush at the 1077 'GNA studios.  Why do people love George Strait so much? Rodney Atkins even mentioned him on his recent huge #1 hit "Take A Back Road" when he mentions turning on his radio with a "little George Strait 1982."

I think it is because he still plays real country music and keeps America in touch with our values and what's important in life. George Strait songs tear at your heart, make you want to dance and always identify a certain time in all of our lives.

His latest hit "Here For A Good Time" is no different. The message is simple in this song. We're not going to live forever so make sure you have fun and live life to its fullest. It reminds me of one of my personal saying I use a lot when it comes to trying to save too much and realizing you can't take it with you, "I've never seen a U-Haul behind a hearse!"

George Strait is almost approaching 60 #1 hits in his career and no one will ever touch that record. I hope this great new song is the next #1 in the long list.