George Strait's song 'Drinkin' Man' could be one of the most influential songs he's ever recorded. After 59 Number One Hits, the legend is still finding songs that climb the charts and touch the hearts.

Although his catalog is not known for such dark and deep subject matter, the tune was penned by Strait, his son Bubba, and Dean Dillon.  Ironically, George Strait has written very few of his own singles. However, the collaboration with Dean Dillon is a good choice- as Dillon has given Strait several hit songs through the years- like 'The Chair' 'Nobody In His Right Mind' 'It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You' 'Ocean Front Property' 'Famous Last Words Of A Fool' 'If I Know Me' 'I've Come To Expect It From You' 'Easy Come, Easy Go' and 'The Best Day.'

Listen to one of the great stories in response to George Strait's 'Drinkin' Man.'