I thought I would have a little fun with you guys today. I was looking at the "Today in History" material I get everyday and it turns out that it was 18 years ago today that Garth Brooks shocked everyone at the 23rd annual American Music Awards.

Garth Brooks was of course at the pinnacle of his popularity in the mid 1990's and had already won more than his share of awards, but that is not why he chose not to accept the "Artist of the Year" award that night.

He truly felt that he did not deserve the award. Later in an interview back stage, Garth went into more detail about why he did not wish to accept the award and who he felt it should actually go to.

He said, "It wasn't fair for me to walk away with that award," said the singer, who has demonstrated a similar flair for the dramatic at other events in the past. "Maybe a year or two ago when we had a really good year. But I've been around [the country] talking to retailers . . . and every one of them credits ******** for keeping them alive in 1995 and I couldn't agree more. So I thought that's who shoulda won."

Now here is your trivia question but there is one rule, if you know it DO NOT POST THE ANSWER, that ruins for other people to guess... just say, "Yep I know it!"