This was a real last ditch effort.  We solicited towns on the air yesterday (Wednesday), and Gansevoort was suggested.  As a former resident, I thought it was definitely time! 

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I'm not thrilled that this is the only shot of Gansevoort that I could find.  If anyone would like to grab their camera or cellphone and take some pix, I would be glad to put them up here in a gallery.

I would like to thank everyone who wrote in at the 11th hour, including Barbara Williams, avid listener Brian Baker, and comedian and long time buddy Artie Treffiletti, who YEARS AGO would call into the show all the time and do a dead on Rodney Dangerfield impression. I'm sure he still does, although Rodney IS dead!  Go see him when he's in town, by the way)  Funny, funny man!

OK ,on with the song.  This is a parody of "Mama's Broken Heart, by Miranda Lambert".  I do a crappy Miranda impression, by the way, but I used the song anyway!

mp3 version for iPhone etc.

                                                                       Gansevoort Song 

                                     Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved 
Up in the county of gorgeous Saratoga,
Their lives this hamlet you may not know to well,
Named for a man who defeated Burgoyne's army,
First name is Peter but the last name I can't spell
Get in that car of yours and head east on route 50,
Pass all those malls and go till you can't go no more,
You'll find a Stewart's that has just one milk club member,
A bunch of railroad tracks, and a cool flag store
And then if you should go a--cross Kobor road you'll
see a cow or two or maybe some bulls get loose ,
please don't be alarmed, it's from Gifford's farm
It's the top spectator sport, when you're living in Gansevoort
There's Fred Gibson who sells siding and sells windows
Bobcat equipment there if you need one by chance ,
and Brian Baker tells me there's some darn good fishing
down at the Snook Hill Crick but your last name must be Vance
and their morning rush hour it  only takes a minute
if your Shnauser's sick,take him to the Northway Clinic
Each year a farmer's market
and I kid you not, it's got it's own airport
so book your next vacation in Gansevoort
Yes it's G-a-n-s-e-v-o-o-r-t - GANSEVOORT
If you would like to nominate a town to do next , please leave in the comment section!
PS - apologies to Gifford's farm.  I threw that in the song only because a listener gave me the information.  That was only done in fun.  Hope you didn't take offense (don't let a bull loose in my yard!!!)