Paula Deen is a Food Network star and also has her own Youtube channel. She is a co-owner with her brother, Bubba Hiers, of a Savannah, Georgia restaurant - Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House.

In a story from AP, Lisa Jackson is a former general manager of the restaurant and filed a lawsuit stating that she was sexually harassed. She also claims that she was allegedly subjected to a hostile work environment which included numerous sexual innuendos, physical intimidation and racial slurs.

According to the lawsuit, Jackson is also saying that Bubba Hiers started making unwanted advances at her in addition to inappropriate sexual remarks. There were also allegedly racial remarks that were made by both Hiers and Deen. Jackson shared an office with Hiers where she said he would watch pornography.

Jackson was encouraged by her physician to quit working at the restaurant because she was suffering from panic attacks and other health issues from working there.

These are some pretty serious accusations. I hope this woman isn’t just suing because the Deens have money. On the other hand, if they did those things, then they should be punished.