Instead of a real long, sappy tribute to our good friend and boss Jake Thomas, I thought I would do what he's probably expecting me to do - take a gentle jab at him through song, so here goes (but you have to know your country music to get the true meaning) 


Jake with Chris Cagle

Anyone remember "Feed Jake", by the Pirates of the Mississippi?  Some folks on the web say that Blake Shelton did a cover of this too, but I think they are mistaken.  He did another  dog song called "Old Red", but not this tune.

Why the hell am I talking about dogs anyway?  Well, because we're here to salute this old dog, Jake Thomas whom we've worked and cojoled with for many years here at 'GNA.

I'm not great with goodbyes unless I'm singing about it, so here we go - a tribute to our boss and buddy -

    He's Jake 
 parody of "Feed Jake", by Pirates of the Mississippi.
Most people you work for
 you want to tell them where to go
but that'd be a lie when we speak of this guy
who also did the afternoon show
Friendliest man I've ever found
Despite the fact that he's afraid of clowns
Best Barney Fife impersonator around

He's Jake ,He's been a good boss

Losing him will be a humungous loss
But he's getting his big break
 He's Jake
I'm sure you folks are gonna miss him to
on he embarks on a life that's new
and takes off in his Subaru
Hey Jake
You've been a good friend
Good luck as your gig as a new GM
Keep in touch, for goodness sake
Good Luck Jake!
from  "Rhymin' Richie"