I really had quite the shock today. it's now 10pm, and I should be asleep, but something is still weighing on my mind. I learned how many early rising listeners we really have!

I put out the call on Facebook this morning. I asked if anyone out there was nuts enough to be up this early (it was around 4am). And then I asked them, "If so, WHY are you up?"

I got about 75 responses. There were farmers, Walmart shelve stockers, a mother up with her baby, a trucker, nurse-- you name it. It made me stop dead in my tracks and think ujust how hard people out there work just to survive.


4 a.m. And I got all those people! The most touching response came from a lady who was up with her mother who was suffering from dementia. Wow!

Npw it's 10:15PM and I have to get to bed so we can get up again at 4. it's never been easy to do, and I've been doing it a long time. But after reading these posts, I don't think you'll hear me whine about it again for a long time.

Here's to you over-nighters and 3rd shifters and hard workers! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning!