December 14, 2012

Additional Information

12 noon - 7:00 p.m. - To benefit the children and families devastated by Superstorm Sandy. Things needed include new, small unwrapped toys for all ages; no stuffed animals (that can be easily carried and stored due to space limitations at shelters), new hoodie sweatshirts or fleeces for teens, stockings filled with small personal items and gift cards for families - parents-caregivers, (deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrushes, body wash, cold/headache medications, Lowe’s gift card, Visa or AmEx pre-paid cards) gift wrap, gift tags/labels and Scotch Tape. We will also be collecting essential items, including hats/gloves/coats, medical supplies, toilet paper, baby formula & diapers/wipes, hygiene products, cleaning supplies (Mold-Ex, bleach, trash bags),non-perishable food (peanut butter/jelly are in demand) and water (bottled and/or gallons).