September 21, 2014 | 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Rotterdam Elk's Lodge
1153 Curry Road,

Additional Information


On September 21, 2014 we will be holding a ziti dinner to benefit a local child in need of a kidney transplant. The dinner will take place at the Elks lodge in Rotterdam NY, at 3pm continuing until all dinners are sold out. Each dinner cost $10.00 and includes a salad, bread, and ziti with meatballs and take out is available. we will also have a silent auctions and t-shirts for sale inside the lodge.

This event will benefit Hailey Seamans a 10 year old Duanesburg resident who suffers from a rare metabolic disease called Cystinosis. Cystinosis causes too much of the amino acid cystine to accumulate within the organs leading to organ damage. Some of the affected organs include the kidneys, eyes, muscles, brain and pancreas. Hailey takes several medications to help slow the disease progression, including twenty-two pills and two ounces of liquid medication daily. However Hailey's kidneys have started to fail and she will soon need a transplant. She has recently undergone surgery to place a catheter allowing her to begin daily dialysis treatments. These treatments will help sustain Hailey while she waits to receive a transplant. With a kidney transplant Hailey's new kidney will be unaffected by her disease as long as she continues taking her medications. These medications along with anti-rejection medications are very costly and only partly covered by insurance.

We hope that any monies raised at the dinner will help Hailey’s family with travel costs as they will need to commute to an out of town hospital several times a week for tests prior to the surgery and for post op care thereafter. They will also need the financial support to cover the cost of medications not covered by insurance. Additionally the funds will help offset the loss of wages the family will have during Hailey’s dialysis treatment and later during her recovery