Eric Church has become one of my favorite artists to come out in the last few years. He has that outlaw sound and attitude in his music and I really dig that. Church's live show is great too. He sold out Northern Lights a year or so ago and I was blown away. I really love his new song that we've been playing here on WGNA called "Homeboy". Eric recently released a video to go along with the song.

The song will be featured on his third album titled "Chief" which will be released on July 27th. "Chief" was a nickname of his grandfather and one he has adopted on the road.

Eric explained the reason for the album title in a recent interview:

"When it's show time, I put on the sunglasses and the hat, and that's how people know it's game time. This album was made from a live place; we recorded it with the live show in mind, so it just seemed right to make that the title"

Can't wait to hear even more new music from Eric. I loved his last two releases, especially Carolina, which i feel is one of the best country albums to come out in the last few years.