Its that time of year again!  The Elf On The Shelf makes its way back from the North Pole to report back to Santa how your little ones are behaving!

Our Elf Tobias will most likely return Friday after Thanksgiving. Caden is already composing his letter to Tobias pleading his case that he's been a good little boy all year!

My concern is how will Tobias make his grand entrance? How will he continue to one up his daily arrival scenes until Christmas Eve!  Here's a beach scene we loved from last year!

Sean McMaster

That's where you come in!  Lets all share our best and worst Elf on the Shelf photos! I know sharing these ideas will help Tobias so much. It's hard for Santas little helpers to come up with so many creative ways to surprise the kids each morning!!

So let's see what you got! Share your pics to this post or post them with with #wgnaelfontheshelfhelp

Tobias thanks you in advance!