There are times I've said to myself "I will not buy a new phone". Eventually I've had to eat my words. Now not only can you eat  words but you can actually eat your iPhone case

It's made from brown rice and salt. It's called the survivals Sendbei Rice Cracker iPhone case. It's part food and part case and it comes in handy during the apocalypse when you need a little snack.  I said this has got to be a joke.  Well maybe people took it for a joke, maybe not but either way -they are sold out.
Techy Christmas gifts:  Introducing yet another new hi-tech gadget -a Wi-Fi bathroom scale.  A little bit pricy at $129.95, but the Fitbit Aria will record your weight, your BMI, your body fat and then it stores the information in the cloud, analyzes it and give you tips on how to change your weight.  Is this TMI?  Would it make you feel creepy?
 And now a great question for our fabulous sponsor, Computer Renaissance of Latham
                                  Question from Greg in Clifton Park:
                        What is a cookie and how do you delete them?
A cookie is information a website can save on your computer that your browser then provides back to that same website the next time you return.
To delete cookies, click on the gear icon or the Tools menu, select Internet Options and in the resulting dialog box, click on the General tab. Then click on the Delete button:
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