Party Foul.  What in the worlds is wrong with some people? Listen if you want to share a beer with a country music singer , I can tell you most would not turn a cold one down. However, NEVER throw a full can of beer at them while they are singing on stage. the chances of that going well are just not good.

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I say all this my friends because some idiot did just that, threw a full beer can at Dustin Lynch's face and cut him while he was doing his show. I don't know if the fan was just trying to "share a beer" or maybe wasn't happy with the song Dustin was playing ( I can't imagine that), but it did require a few stitches.

He is OK though and did in fact finish his show while bleeding... the country singer wrote on his Facebook page, "Just a few stitches, I’ll be okay ... I appreciate all of you. Fyi the guy who hit me with a beer can got away ..."

I say,who wastes a perfectly good beer like that? Ugh!