Let this be a warning to all commuters, visitors, and residents of our beautiful city.  For the next month, they aren't messing around.  You better keep the noise to a bare minimum!  I have a way of remembering the rules for those of you who are worried...

I read this story on YNN.com.   Police chief James Miller has warned that:

We've had a number of complaints from citizens about unnecessary or unusual noise. From vehicles that are blasting music outta them, house parties, as well as taxi cabs sounding the horn repeatedly"

And they are ready to take action.   So in an effort to help you remember, I took a very simple, memorable song and "tweaked" the words a bit.
Oh boy albany noise by Townsquare Media Albany

Now if you'd like the actual ordinance, this will give you all the fun info.  So good luck, and for God sake ,KEEP IT DOWN!!