What could be more popular on YouTube than videos about  dogs and videos of soldiers coming back from overseas?  I'll tell you!  It's videos that combine both!  This is amazing!

It is amazing how dogs are so perceptive. They always miss you when you're gone – be it for a minute, a day, or five years. I was told once by a veterinarian that they don't have a sense of time - they just know that you are away and can't wait for you to walk through that door again.

Regardless, these loyal "best friends of man"  give their masters a hero's welcome, and you get a chance to see it for yourself.   Check this out!

Isn't that fascinating how they respond?  Has your dog done something like this?  Would love to know.

(Don't you wish the general public would pay as much attention to the amazing sacrifice that soldiers give to this country?  Just sayin!)