Does your toothpaste burn the inside of your mouth?  If so, does that mean it's working well?  There are one or two brands that are like fire in my mouth, for some reason.   What the heck is going on?

My dental hygienist, Dawn has told me this time and time again.  She says there is an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate that is used in toothpastes and shampoos.  According to her, this ingredient has no value except to produce foam.  It gives you the feeling that something is happening to make either your hair or your "pearly whites" clean.

I started looking into this because my mouth burns so badly from that stuff (not the shampoo- the toothpaste) that I can't use it.  I found a video on YouTube that seems to back this theory up.

What's the alternative?  According to Dawn, she says to try baking soda based toothpaste, or something like "Tom's Toothpaste" (Tom's of Maine").  They call it SLS Free toothpaste .

Actually I'm thinking that this would make a good disciplinary technique for your kids.    "If you say that word one more time I'm going to wash your mouth out with SODIUM LAURYL  SULFATE!"  I'll tell you right now, if someone threatened ME with that, I'd never curse again.

Is your mouth burning you?  Would love to know that I'm not alone.  Leave your comments at the bottom