I really don't know where the line is on offensive and acceptable humor. I guess I have been very lucky over the years to have for the most part stayed clear of that imaginary line altogether. Lately though, it seems that either people have been stepping over that line a lot or people are getting way more sensitive to what others say. I think I have mentioned before that I'm with Daniel Tosh when he says, sometimes I offend my own moral compass so that way, I know I still have one. Now it is your turn to be the judge.

A Trailer for a new movie from director, Brett Ratner called "Tower Heist" just came out and apparently caught the attention of an actor whose son has epilepsy.

Greg Grunberg, (featured left) isn't in the movie but when he saw the trailer for it, he got pretty upset about them making fun of epilepsy, and after ranting about it on Twitter, he apparently got an apology from the film's director.

I should also say, my Mother and one of my Brothers had/have epilepsy and it is a serious condition, and the seizures can be very painful to watch. When a loved one is having one, believe me there is nothing fun or funny about it. I should also say that my Mom would have no problem joking about it though as humor can often be a bridge to helping people deal with something that is hard to see or understand. So, I for one did not find it to be offensive. I will however let you decide for yourselves.

(on a side note: It does look like a good movie and the cast looks fun.)

Here is the trailer in question.