Do you have digital overload? Are you staring at screens night and day? (I guess so, you're reading this!) Maybe you need to take a little break.

On (how ironic?) they had an article about  a summer camp for adults in Northern California called "Camp Grounded" where you leave your phones and tablets at the door.  Here's their promotional video ( I found this on YouTube while staring at my iPad screen in bed instead of sleeping).

Sounds like fun in a way, but do you really think this will have any long-term affect on you? Would you find it annoying to be disconnected or refreshing?

I tell you, I went on a cruise lately where there was no Internet and I nearly went insane. Not because I have to stare at a screen night and day, but I just felt like an idiot not having Google in my pocket so I could look stuff up during dinner conversation! Wow, that's a scary admission, huh?

Take our poll below! (Sorry, but it's on a screen)

Not to sway the poll results, but I read my newspaper on my iPad.  I read books on my Kindle app on the iPad and the iPhone.  I watch news that I miss on the iPad.  I communicate with my family on both devices. What good is a vacation when you can't do any of these things?  It would frustrate me to not have any of them around. But that's me… I'd rather hear from you!