Last weekend I went on location for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society's "Fetch A Friend" at Colonie Center. I knew it was dangerous, as I do love animals, but since they specifically requested I do the event I couldn't say no. Alas, my fears were realized I saw them as soon as I walked around the corner... KITTENS!

I really did try so hard to talk myself out of it. I said, "Self, you already have a cat and a dog, do you really need another one? What if the dog hates him and they fight all the time?" That worked for a while until I saw that face. I think most of you have to agree, there was no choice. As far as Samson the dog not getting along with him, well, just look at the photo of the two of them chillin'. That took all of two days to happen.

So all that being said, "Pluto" is now a McMaster. Pluto was his name when I adopted him , and personally, I don't hate it. My oldest son Ryan wants to name him "Bilbo" after "The Hobbit". I think we all know why that isn't going to happen. So I ask you, how do you like "Pluto", and if you don't, what would you prefer?

Let me know, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page. If you like "Pluto" let me know- or if you have a better name, let's hear it! Thanks, my friends.