Earlier today Kevin Richards was working on his "Top 10 Songs I want to hear at Countryfest" list. So we started to talk about all the artists and some of our favorite songs. Well, my list would go on forever but there is one Mark Wills song that I am excited to hear, for my wife, Andrea.


As long as I have known her, I have known she loves this song. In fact she has made it her life's mission to get Jake Thomas to add it to our playlist.

So, you think Mark Wills, it must be the song, "19 Something",  "I  Do (Cherish you), "Don't Laugh at me", "Back at One", or of course "Wish You Were Here". All of these are amazing songs and big hits for Mark yet it was his first release back in 1996 that she can't wait to hear.

It's called, "Jacob's Ladder". This song went to number 6 on the charts and began a long and steady career for Mark. Do you remember it?

While I'm sure Mark will refresh your memory tomorrow at Countryfest 2013, I found a video of him doing the song live, check it out: