You're welcome ladies!

Dierks Bentley took his shirt off during his annual polar plunge at a lake in Nashville on Friday. He was joined by a group of friends.  And it's a good thing they were there with him, because he forgot why they do it at all!

He says in the video -

"Lake jump 2016. This is ridunkulous but we're doing it anyway..."

His friend added,

"We do it to wash off the old and breathe in the new..."

They've been doing it for 14 years, and the water never gets any easier to jump into!  In the video you can see how nervous Dierks is when doing it!

Of course I had to watch it a couple of times because I was so distracted by his absolute beauty!  (PS - if you're into a shirtless Dierks Bentley, CLICK HERE to relive Countryfest 2015 when he took it off for all of us!)