It's a rather simple question.  The former or the latter?  Which would you rather watch?  According to the latest Neilson ratings, you wouldn't believe the answer

Here's what I'm going to watch this week.  I even rhymed it for you so you don't have to, with further explanation below.

mp3 version

There was an interesting, rather telling statistic that I read.  According to the NY Daily,  TLC's redneck reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" beat the RNC in the overnite ratings.  I thought I would die laughing when I heard that.   Here's the promo for the show

Don't you agree that this is 10 times more fascinating than this year's political race?  Me neither.  I'm just being sarcastic.  This is what they put on the LEARNING CHANNEL?

If anyone from another country were to watch this, they would be learning alot about where THIS country is headed.  This actually scares me!  What's your feeling?

I think it's our civic duty to hear what each side has to say and to try to make an informed decision about the next leader of the free world.  I  don't think there's ever been a more important time to pay attention to who's going to lead us next.  Agree?