It is amazing what movie makers are doing today, bringing all of our childhood heroes to life in such a convincing way. I can't even imagine what my childhood would have been like if I could have seen the superheroes or the fantasy novel characters I read about on the big screen as good if not better than my own imagination. I think for sure I might have gone into movie making.

Clearly I didn't but thanks to some amazing kids I went to different schools together with, we now have the most amazing theatrical world that is almost as encompassing as our own real world.

Now, thanks to technology, even the FANS are getting involved and telling stories that have not even been dared to be told yet, like this fan who wondered what if you took the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe and combined them in an epic battle. One day it may actually happen but if it never does at least we can challenge our imaginations and excite the kid in every one of us with this fake movie trailer he made.

(Extra points if you can tell me the Sci-Fi character whose voice you hear in the very beginning)