I was going crazy this morning trying to narrow down a few ideas I had for a blog.  (I do have some good ideas rattling around in this tired head of mine believe it or not.)  When I starting talking to my friend Selena, and we started talking about "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"Now Jimmy could easily be a blog topic on his own.  I think at some point I will have to talk about how I think he has grown into the best late night talk show host since Johnny Carson, but this is about last night's musical guest.

Darius Rucker was on the show last night and performed his song, "I don't Care."   On the show, he performed the duet with Jimmy . On the album and on the road last year he performed it with Brad Paisley as his duet partner.  The thing that bothers me is, I hadn't even heard it yet.  This is a fun song!

So, I figured if I had not heard it yet, perhaps you haven't either. SO I looked it up on YouTube and found it for you.  Check it out and if you like it as much as I do , you will find it on Darius' latest album, "Charleston, S.C. 1966"

God Bless.