This has nothing to do with anything, and please don't try this, but I couldn't help but crack up when I saw this.  These guys pulled a very funny gag at a Best Buy, although I'm sure the store management wasn't laughing!

Some things don't need a setup here.  Let's just play the video, shall we?  But I will preface this once again by saying that I hope this doesn't give anyone any ideas, and I'm not advocating trying this anywhere, because it's really not fair to do this to any retail store!  (and being an incurable geek, Best Buy is my favorite local establishment!)  OK, I guess I've put in enough disclaimers here.  On with the video now.

I guess this was developed by a group called Improv Everywhere.  Gotta give them credit for the idea, I must say.  But I'll say it again---or do I really have to?