The hits of Joe Diffie are numerous and they all connect with us to this day. Who can't relate to the fun song "Pickup Man?" "John Deere Greene" is a timeless anthem for small town America. When you try to think of the greatest country songs ever I really think the Joe Diffie's hit "Ships That Don't Come In" needs to be in the top 10. This song delivers a message about hoping against hope, and wanting something in life more than it wants you. It is a song that is lived out in heartbreaks and personal triumphs and defeats as well walk through life looking for our place in it every day.

I can't wait to see Joe Diffie on the 1077 'GNA Countryfest 2013 stage on July 13th in Schaghticoke and I sure hope he puts this one in his set. Get your tickets for Countryfest 2013 here, and enjoy one of the best country songs ever recorded by Joe Diffie here.