Thanks to all for taking a stab at  Countryfest Photo Flashback #1.  Maybe that one was too easy.  The year was 2003, and it featured Lonestar, Charlie Daniels, Sarah Evans and Steve Azar.  OK, here's test #2 to get you excited for what's coming for this year's Countryfest 2011! This particular year featured an up-and-coming keyboard playin' songwriter named Phil Vassar.  Actually Phil had been around the block by then, having written hit songs for Jo Dee Messina, Tim McGraw and others.  Fantastic guy.  Can't wait to see him back here sometime.   Also on the roster was a young Chris Cagle (remember "Loredo"? "I Breathe In, I Breathe Out"?  Another great guy and friend of the show.

Also on the bill?  Yes, you guessed it.  You know him, you love him.  Some  ladies still have an Achy Breaky Heart every time they see him.  He's Miley's dad!   Now this is stupid to include this photo here, because the kid next to him is my son, Ben.  Now Ben is a sophomore in college, so if you can guess his age here and do a little subtraction, you might get to the year that way.

And here's a bonus shot.  If you were actually there at this year's "party", then my hidden camera may have captured you there, so here's a crowd shot.

There you have it.  Your clues for this installment of Countryfest Photo Flashback.  Sorry, no prizes for this.  We're not permitted to have blog contests, per se.  But to have the satisfaction of knowing that you passed your CAT's (Country Aptitude Test) should be reward enough, don'tcha think?