It is going to be great to get some clean, fresh country air at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 13th when Countryfest 2013 arrives with 1077 'GNA.I always like working on my farmer's tan at Countryfest and this year's lineup is the largest ever with seven of Nashville's best. So it will be awesome to have the room to just chill, hoot and hollar and dance in the field if the urge hits you. The base camp though for any group of 'GNA listeners and their friends and family is the lawn chair. It feels great to put it down on your little patch of heaven and let the day just happen. All the details on the huge "20th Anniversary" Countryfest show are here.

I thought I would just show some lawn chair examples so you can mentally prepare for your little patch of heaven on July 13th with 1077 'GNA.

DON'T - Not Only Would You Break Your Back These Big Old Clunkers Are Not Made For Easy In And Easy Out AT Countryfest 2013

Flickr Foto Ferenghi Ed


YES! - This Person Is Traveling Light, AND Literally Would be the King or Queen Of Countryfest With This Pick Of The Litter Spot For The Show. Listen to 1077 'GNA as we get closer to Countryfest and we'll give you a chance to get this spot!

Flickr GF Peck