People are still talking about the 2012 Country Idol show at Vapor in Saratoga Casino. On June 21, nearly 1,000 people packed the club to hear and see some of the Albany area's best singers.

Although Pittsfield, Massachusettes native Sabrina Gogan captured the title, we wanted to introduce you to the voice that placed second. In a world full of reality music television shows, we've seen how many contestants who don't place first still go on to do great things with their careers. Much like Miranda Lambert, Casey James, Kellie Pickler, Lauren Ailana and Bucky Covington- we hope that our runner-ups will use this platform to pursue their dreams.

Meet second place contestant Bethany Morse from Selkirk, New York:

Why did you select 'When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues' and 'Sin Wagon?'

I made my song selection based on how much fun I could make it for my friends, family, and judges (and everyone else that so graciously came out to support your listeners in the completion). I am known for having WAY too much energy and decided not to bottle any of it up! These two songs I have grown up dancing and singing along to in my mirror!

What did you do to prepare for Country Idol?

Preparation is a funny word! I never feel as prepared as I think I am once I get ready to perform. It all goes out the window and the butterflies set in! I mostly practice in front of my dad or Craig (my fiancé), regardless of them wanting to hear me AGAIN! I also sing karaoke at a little bar with my best friend ALL the time in order to practice my "performance", which, by the way, I never follow through with when I compete! I completely forget everything and just run around ad have fun!

What were your favorite performances of the night?

I think my favorite performance, which I still get goosebumps over, was Loreal Lavigna singing "Independence day" by Martina. That girl can belt out notes in an unbelievable way! I have had the pleasure of speaking with her face to face and what a beautiful person she is! Makes me so happy to know why God have such an awesome person that ridiculous gift!!

Are you going to pursue a career in music?

I have always DREAMED that my life would involve me being able to sing everyday for a living! As of right now singing does not pay the bills, oh but what an escape for the mundane it provides! I have just recently started looking into doing something more career-related with my voice a I am excited to see where opportunities may lead me!

What's your advice to future Country Idol contestants?

My advice would be.....go with your gut on song choice and go in whole-heatedly for your performance. Have fun and let loose....being embarrassed because you can't dance (like me!) is not an option! The biggest thing is to surround yourself with a loving group of family and friends who believe in you!

Watch Bethany Morse Perform at WGNA Country Idol