Hey, I'm a little short this month. We've all said that before and will say it again many times in life.

Nothing in this life is getting cheaper, and if you are an average working American like me you know that New York State's tax structure doesn't help your money go that far at all.

The Times Union of Albany reported on a story of a Columbia County government bookeeper that embezzled more than $300,000 from the towns of Kinderhook and Greenport.

$287,000 was taken from Kinderhook and $53,000 from Greenport.

The thing I found alarming about this crime is that it was going on between 2006 and 2010. Back in the old days of paper record keeping if you can remember those it was common for it to take years to catch a thief.

In this modern computer age, I don't know how it took so long.

I am sure that restitution will be a part of this deal, but how do you get blood from a stone.

Apparently she was using the money to pay off her American Express card. How much can one person charge?

I don't know about you but having been down the Tammy Wynette "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" trail a couple of times I have a few bills.

The house I pay for that I don't live in, the house I rent that I do live in. I have to laugh, or I would cry. Cars, credit, and college plus some other stuff that comes with the territory of being a dad.

All that said, I have never stolen a dollar in my life. What the hell are people thinking about when they steal? Keep working hard America and don't end up a Times Union story. Crime doesn't pay.