It was an intense fight between Schodack and Fort Anne for the ultimate prize - a theme song custom written for their town by "Rhymin' Richie" of the Sean and Richie Show (boy, that's quite a build-up.  I hope Richie can deliver).   And the winner is? Drumroll...

Schodack - come on down.  You're the next candidate for Your Town Thursday.  Schodack of course is located in beautiful in Rennselaer County

They also have a very nice website where you can learn more

That's all well and good, but I would rather get information for the song from YOU.  I want to learn about the characters in the town, the businesses that have been there for years.  I'd love to know the people who have done a lot for the place, as well as the offbeat stuff.  I want to know about the red light that breaks down every month or the park where the birds leave droppings on your car- the funny stuff as well as the factual.

If you could leave me some bullet points below in the comment section, I can get to work and have it for next Thursday's Sean and Richie Show.  To hear samples of former songs, click on the fancy button below.

If you have photos, I will take those too.  You can email those to  Thanks, folks.