Yes, that headline is real. We have a 'Bubble Gum Bandit' and as Seinfeld once said, 'It's a lotta gum.'

According to the Times Union, he has struck twice at Market Bistro on Loudon Road in Colonie. In the first heist $1,356 of gum was stolen, and he took $1,695 worth of gum and other items the following week. I bet the bandit thought no one would notice him stealing gum. I mean, outside of young kids taking candy because they don't know better, who steals gum?

Now, as I write this I can only think of the legendary Seinfeld episode where Jerry accidentally gives Lloyd Braun $100 to buy gum:

Now $3,000 - that is a whole heck of a lot of gum! Keep your eyes peeled in your local conveneince store for the 'Bubble Gum Bandit.'